Stop drowning in unnecessary meetings

Record high quality video messages in your browser to boost team communication, give demos, and deliver effective business processes.

“As a Product Manager, I'm riddled with meetings, some important, others aren't. Opentape gave me about 40% of my time back to work on what matters. Now, I share videos for product demos, connect on first drafts from product briefs and share feedback with the engineering team. Total game changer for me”

William Imoh

CEO, Hackmamba

Do more with less

Save hours spent in meetings, demoing a product, onboarding a new hire, teaching a colleague, explaining a document, presentation, or accounting sheet.

Faster Sales and Deal Cycles

Pitch and close deals faster, boost conversion using the right video.

Smoother Team Onboarding

Onboard new team mates in 3x the time and less onboarding meetings

Async Team Communication

Communicate asynchronously with your remote team. Work effectively across timezone and schedules by eliminating calls.

Clear Product and Design Demos

Design, Engineering, and Product demos? Skip the meeting with 10+ people. Save time and send a video instead.

Faster Business Operations

Quickly present operational plans, accounting spreadsheets, slide decks e.t.c

Efficient Educational Videos

Teach faster and better. Create or augment your knowledge-base with useful videos.

Reduce meeting hours to minutes

In 3 quick steps, record a video and share a unique private or public link, right in your browser

Create an account

Record a video with screenshare in high-resolution

Copy and share the unique private link

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Record for minutes, share in seconds

Create high-definition privacy-first videos with transcriptions so you never miss a thing.

HD in Seconds

Record high quality videos in seconds, fit for small and large screens.

Experience Built For You

Intuitive user-experience and design purpose-built with you in mind.

AI-Powered Transcriptions

Browse or search through video transcriptions, never miss a thing.

Private by Default

Videos are secure, team-only, and private unless you change it.

Robust Analytics

Deep engagement insights on who watched what, when, and how.

Intuitive Post-Video CTAs

Define what's next after a video. Follow up? A task? Easy.

Comments and Reactions

Bring the fun or the emotions. Share comments quickly

Ready for Your Team

Built for you, ready for your team's collaboration.

The time you wish you had.

Now available to you.