Introducing Opentape - A Better Cloud Video Recorder

William Imoh

January 8, 2024

In November 2023, we hit a massive breakthrough in our sales process at Hackmamba. We found a winning formula. Anyone who does outbound sales to drive revenue growth understands the constant need to iterate on the outbound message in emails or social media and the overall process.

Our winning formula involved sending video messages, and we got feedback from prospects like "This is the best cold message I've received" and "I normally don't reply to these, but this was too good." I let out a cheeky smile when I receive any of these and probably post a semi-self-lauding tweet.

We use existing cloud video recording tools for asynchronous team communication. Still, they have shortcomings, mainly when applied to sales, community engagement, and technical content creation processes. Normally, we augment these tools with our processes which is time consuming, so we did something about it.

We are making Opentape to fix our problems and optimize our processes driven by cloud video messages.

The Beginning Of The Best

Today, we launch version one of Opentape, the bedrock of the best cloud video messaging tool ever. As a Product Manager, we opted to ship fast, ship what works, and iterate quickly. Opentape currently lets you record a high-quality video, including your screen. This is already a drop-in replacement for unnecessary calls and meetings to demo, discuss, pitch, or teach.

Currently, with Opentape, you can:

  • Record a video and share a link in seconds right in your browser.
  • Manage video layouts to show webcam only, screen only, or webcam plus screen.
  • Download a recorded video.
  • Show how you feel and react to a video with timestamps.
  • Leave comments on created videos.
  • Manage video permissions, visibility, and default permissions.
  • Get notified once your video is seen and who saw it.
  • Set up and manage a team for better collaboration.

These features currently help us sell better and communicate async at Hackmamba. It would help you too.

What's Next

We're building a product we use internally, which means we've already hit $10 MRR as of the time of writing.

In the coming days, we'll ship rapidly, and you can expect us to tackle problems in discoverability, video optimizations, UX improvements, integrations, optimal workflows, and whatever feature you want to see. Yes, we're building this with your problems in mind.

We plan to eventually make this open-source once we fully grasp project maintenance.

If you're reading this, you're already on a journey with us, and I sincerely appreciate that. Sign up today for free on Opentape to ditch those unnecessary meetings, sell better, teach effectively, and overall, get your time back.

Try Opentape. Work on only the things that matter.